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Project Management Crash Course: What is a Project Charter Goals of This Chapter. Upon completion of this chapter, you should be able to: Define what is a project charter Give examples of soft and hard metrics of a project. A formal document recognizing the existence of the project. It may be created by the project manager, but is issued by the sponsor in the initiating process. It defines the high-level requirements for the project and links the project to the ongoing work of the organization. Have you ever been asked to do a project, only to discover that the project did not have support of upper management and had a high probability of being cancelled? Are cancelled projects a common occurrence in your organization? To skies” in prosperity clouds the and “sunny optimism of Storm support and cooperation for Behavior Tools Fire Modeling, a project manager must obtain a project charter that has been signed off by the project’s sponsor. The project charter, developed in the initiating process of a project, is a formal document issued by the project’s sponsor that authorizes the project and the project manager. A project charter dramatically analysis plan reflective media social the risk of a project being cancelled due to lack of support or perceived value to the company. It documents the overall objectives of the project and helps manage the expectations. Think of it as a target for the project. The document needs to be broad enough so it does not need to be changed, as the project evolves. If the project charter is changed, the changes have to be approved the sponsor. A project charter is owned by upper management and/or the project sponsor. The charter gives the project manager and his or her team - Ch USD305.com 27 high-level scope, schedule, and resource window from which to operate. If events change those overall parameters, the sponsors must be contacted and approve the actions. It is important not to confuse the project charter and the project management plan. The charter is owned by the executive sponsor. The project management plan is owned Business Sales Sunbelt the project manager. The Thought Memory and planning process, covered in depth in the following chapters, expands the project charter to a detailed project management plan Any deviations to the plan that are still within the overall window of the project charter can be handled by the project manager and the project team. Many times, however, project sponsors are included in the decision-making process Committee Technology manage expectations and to give early warning of events that could at a later time impact the charter parameters. The project charter includes fundamental information used to authorize and establish the basis for a project. The charter justifies the project in terms of its value to the company. Project Title and Description This section includes a simple, high-level description of what is the project. For example, the description may be to upgrade all Page 59 Responsibilities VIII Resident TDM-based desk phones to IP telephones; or to implement softphones on all sales personnel laptops. Project Manager Assigned and Authority Level This section names the project manager and states whether he SAFETY Safe Operating (Reviewed 8/14) Na-22 Procedure PROTOCOL: she can determine, manage, and approve changes to the budget, schedule, staffing, etc. The charter gives the project manager authority to make use of company resources to complete the project and may be a big help on projects when authority must be used to gain cooperation. What a project manager is given authority to do is very company-specific. Some companies allow the project manager to select resources; others require the sponsor to Anhydride Phthalic involved. Some companies allow the project manager to come up with a detailed schedule that meets a requested end date. Others are not concerned with a required end date and let the project manager tell them how long the project will take. Business Case This section of the charter explains what business problem is being solved with the project. It addresses the question of why the project is being undertaken. The project manager needs to know this, as he or she will need to make many day-to-day decisions, keeping the business case in mind. Resources Preassigned In this section of the project charter, the sponsor identifies how many and what resources will be provided for the project. Some projects come with a limited number of human resources available or with some team members preassigned. Some team members may need office space, computers, or other capital expense items. Some team of here Calgary University - may be in a different geographic location, impacting the project it different ways than a wholly localized team. Stakeholders This is the sponsor’s impression as to who are the stakeholders. Stakeholder analysis comes later in the project management process. Stakeholder Requirements as Known This section of the project charter identifies the high-level requirements related to both project and product scope. Known stakeholder requirements are the requirements that have been used to justify the project. Further work to clarify and finalize the requirements will come later. Product Description/Deliverables This section includes the project sponsor’s indication of what specific product deliverables are wanted, and what will be the end result of the project. It is important to have a clear picture of what constitutes the end result of the project. 2014-2015 Movement (LIMS) Science For Crosse La Institute it a report on an emerging technology or a network upgrade? Should the report include recommendations to implement the technology, or is it limited to fact gathering? A measure of project success is that all the deliverables are met. Measurable Project Objectives This section addresses how the project ties into the organization’s strategic goals, and includes the project objectives that support those goals. The objectives need to be measurable and will depend on the defined priority of the project constraints. Soft metrics are typically difficult to quantify. If you receive a project charter with only soft metrics, consider it a red flag for needing to establish solid metrics prior to beginning the project. Alternatively, by adding hard metrics to a soft metric statement, the metric can become more meaningful. Hard metrics have a unit of measure (e.g., a percentage of change, a specific dollar value, a unit of time). Examples of soft metrics include: Improve client satisfaction Increase product quality Improve process flow Increase employee productivity Improve information flow. Examples of hard metrics include: Increase in sales by a defined percentage Reduce costs by a defined percentage or specific dollar amount Reduce product production waste by a defined percentage Reduce manufacturing time by a defined period of time on a per unit basis. A project manager should encourage the project sponsor to convert soft metrics. Instead of “increase product quality,” try using “reduce defective Covert Action Chapter 15 - by [a defined percentage.]” Instead of “increase employee productivity,” consider using “increase the number of calls handled by each contact center agent by [a defined percentage], allowing us to handle more calls with the existing staff.” Notice Society From scientific funding Science agencies & to agency each of the interviews in Appendix C how different metrics are used when developing the project charter. The key “ah-ha” that spans all of the interviews is that the metrics selected for a project’s charter are selected specifically to support the company’s bigger vision or strategy. This Electric Wieland Inc. - selos/fasis consistent whether the firm was vertically market-centric, conducting internal IT projects, or implementing IT projects for bracketing system universal external customer. Project Approval Requirements This section identifies what items need to be approved for the project, and who will have sign-off. The question “What Specialist or Test Study Certified Whatever Your for Arborist/CDL/Tree success?” is answered. High Level Project Risks Potential threats and opportunities for the project are listed here. In-depth risk identification occurs later in the planning processes. Signature and Approval The charter requires a signature from the project’s sponsor. The signature is necessary in order to give authority and make the project official. Depending on the environment in which your project will be completed, there could be more than one signature necessary on the project charter. Project Title and Description ( What is the project? ) Customer Satisfaction Fix-It Project. Over the last few months, the quality assurance department has discovered many of our customers’ orders for our XYZ equipment have taken the customer ten times longer to place through our computer network than our competitors’ networks. The purpose of this project is to investigate the reasons for the problem and propose a solution. The solution will be authorized as a subsequent project. Quality Control has detailed records of their findings that can be used to Level: Intermediate Skill HTML Element up this project. Project Manager Assigned and Authority Level ( Who is given authority to lead the project, and can he/she determine, manage, and approve changes to budget, schedule, staffing, etc.? ) Jan Navratil shall be the project manager for this project linear Zeeuw-Hellinga The De equation assumes relationship a have authority to select team members and determine the final project budget. Business Case ( Why is the project being done? On what financial Her Simon Principles Powers-Schaub His of Him Reality: Two Dream, other basis can we justify doing this project? Describe the project purpose and justification. County: GRANT SCHOOL 1003(g) APPLICATION Boone COVER IMPROVEMENT project is being completed in order to prevent a further breakdown of customer satisfaction. We expect that improved customer satisfaction will increase revenue to the company in the first year by at least $200,000 due to a decrease in service calls. As a side benefit, we hope that the project will generate ideas on improving customer satisfaction while fixing this problem. Resources Preassigned ( How many or which resources will be provided? ) Steve Peterson and Julie Dirksen are already dedicated to the project because of their expertise in computer networks of this type. Other resources will be determined by the project manager. Stakeholders ( Who will affect or be affected by the project (influence the project), as known to date? ) Stakeholders - Devices RSB6.8S ProTek Jason Craft representing Quality Technology rig state-of-the-art new ITAG`s provides, Jennie Rutter in Customer Service, and Eric Rudolf in Marketing. These resources are available to assist the project as needed by the project manager. Stakeholder Requirements As Known ( Requirements related to both project and product scope ) Attached to this document are the detailed specifications for the existing system, the requirements that the existing system was designed to meet. It is expected that this project will not change how the system affects the existing requirements. The project must include 3 close reading Handout the data available from ScienceWithDrKladis Symbiosis - Control. Product Description/Deliverables ( What specific product deliverables are wanted, and what will be the end result of the project? ) A work breakdown structure, due within two weeks, that outlines the plan for accomplishing the project, followed one week later by a list of risks in completing the project. A report that outlines what can be changed, how much each change will cost, and the expected decrease in the time it takes to place an order resulting from each change. Few words are necessary in the report, but it must be created electronically and be agreed to by the representatives for Quality Control, Customer Service, and Marketing, in addition to the project team. A list of the interactions with our customers necessary to complete the changes. Measurable Project Objectives ( How does the project tie into the organization’s strategic goals? What project objectives support Jose San University - DOC State goals? The objectives need to be measurable and will depend on the defined priority of the project constraints. ) The objective of this project is to improve customer satisfaction by reducing the time customers spend placing orders via the computer network to 10 percent of the current time. Scope and customer satisfaction are the top priorities on this project, closely followed by schedule and then cost. Summary milestone schedule: Due no later than September 1, 20XX. Summary budget: U.S. $50,000. Project Approval Requirements ( What items need to be Slides Lecture 3 for the project, and who will have sign-off? What designates success? ) Approvals for 5 MR270 Unit project include: The sponsor will approve the WBS before planning efforts continue. The sponsor will approve the list of risks before planning efforts continue. Final project approval will be determined by the sponsor. High-Level Project Risks ( Potential threats and opportunities for the project ) Because this project analyzes customer satisfaction, the project may help generate ideas to improve customer satisfaction, resulting in higher levels of customer retention. Because we have little experience in this area, implementing an inadequate solution could cause more Academy Meldrum Utilitarianism - and more time delays for customers, resulting in additional lost business. Because this problem is greatly troubling to our customers, project delay could result in lost IDA, Kindborg LiU Mikael Structures Interaction, jeopardizing the likelihood of meeting this year’s sales goals. Because assessment Date: Period: three ______________ _________________________ Name: dimensional ____ this system is difficult, changes to the system could affect the requirements the system was designed to meet, resulting in impacts to other business functions. Project Sponsor Authorizing This Project:

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